What is it?

Compared to the classic mason peg, this peg has two fundamental differences. First of all, instead of hammering the peg into the joints between the bricks, it is screwed into the wall by a screw. Thus, it can also be used where the joints are small or none or the mortar is crumbled. Furthermore, a new shape of the peg was chosen. This not only ensures perfect lath pressure against the wall, but also allows for comfortable lath adjustment without the risk of the whole peg being dropped.

Where can I use it?

  • vertical fixation of laths or other elements
  • horizontal fixation of laths or other elements (e.g. on the floor as stoppers)

And what are the advantages?

Easy to install

We don’t have to find the joints on the plastered wall in a complicated way; we install the peg directly into the masonry.

Protection of plaster and wall

During installation, we do not damage the plaster or the bricks excessively.

Versatility of use

We can use it on a wall with cracked joints, minimal joints or without joints (concrete walls).

Easy adjustability of laths

The shape of the peg also allows the batten to be adjusted by tapping, or only by loosening the screw slightly without risk of it falling out.


The shape of the peg together with the screw guarantees 100% strength, it does not fall out when installed properly.


Usage is very simple; the installation can be done by both a handyman and professional.

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Mason peg

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Screw 6 x 70 mm

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