What is it?

The scuntion spacer is a handy assistant for plastering windows and doors. Thanks to its telescopic design, the spacer enables the adjustment of any length from 60 cm to 150 cm (this length can be further extended using extensions). The spring located at the end of the spacer ensures easy installation of the opposite laths and their subsequent fixation, but above all their easy adjustment.

Where can I use it?

  • plastering of scuntions
  • plastering of windows
  • plastering of doors
  • plastering of niches and the like

And what are the advantages?

Easy to adjust

The spring allows us to easily loosen the fixation at any time and adjust the weighing lath without the risk of the whole assembly falling apart.

Universal use

The spacers can be used for any scuntions of sizes from 40, resp. 60 cm (taking into account a lath of 1 cm). Larger sizes can be achieved by using attachments.


Due to its stiffness (made of steel tubes), the spacer provides high lath holding strength.

Repeated use

Compared to classic custom-made spacers, we use this one repeatedly.

Quick and easy installation

With a simple touch, we install the laths and the spacer.


Usage is very simple; the installation can be done by both a handyman and professional.

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Scuntion spacer (range 60 to 100 cm)

Price 18.00 EUR without VAT
(21.78 EUR incl. VAT)

Scuntion spacer (range 60 to 100 cm)

Spacer for scuntion plastering 60 - 100 cm

Price 9.00 EUR without VAT
(10.89 EUR incl. VAT)

Spacer for scuntion plastering 60 - 100 cm

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